faut faire doucement car les grands enfants, ça pleure pas........ ;)
Fai piano i bimbi grandi non piangono........
Where do I go, when part of me is dying?
Somewhere they're baking new bread
There's peace in my life.
I'll be the rain, and you'll be heaven crying
And my eyes will be filled with flowers
Upon the snowfields of white.

And we will learn to walk together
Oh hand in hand, we'll walk together

Waiting for you, I'll drink a glass of wine
My heart will explode again
And we'll be larger than life

Time in the distance, will bring me to your side
From high up in heaven, diamante
We'll see peace with our eyes.

We'll see them walking, the brides and soldiers
Dancing the dark, they melt together
Against the twilight
And all together we'll lift our voices
Singing the time, to play at soldiers
is gone forever

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